Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The 2nd largest Mass Baptism in Kachin Baptist Church in history

Kachin Baptist Church leaders used its mission and evangelism methods through 'People Movement' since 1910. The largest mass baptism has been conducted in December 1977 during Kachin Baptist Centennial Jubilee, 6213 newly converted members were baptised by a hundred pastor. Some members were participated as a historical remarks on their baptism, but afew were real converted in a short time, and some received their baptism by long preparation.
After three decade passed, the second largest mass baptism was re-conducted in the same place during the 'Kachin Theological College's Golden Jubilee' celebration in March 2008, baptised 2899 newly converted believers. The existing Kachin Christian leaders are continuing encourage mass baptism and continuesly practice People Movement evangelism on its mission. Do you interest their background cultures and anthropology?.

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The question is: Were they converted in Christ?

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