Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mail from Noway Kachin (maimai)

To : maimai
From Malaysia Kachin friend
Hello Maimai,How are you to day?It there everything's ok?How about weather? Are you study or Working?

Relpy from maimai
From Noway Kachin girl

Hi ,
I am fine but I got headachae a little bit because of the weahter.I feel cold when I arrive here.The temperature is 2C now.I got a lot of things to do so I haven't gone to school.I have to go to school on 16 April.I can't work now.We have to study for the Norway language for two years.After that If you want to work ,You can work.If you want to study,you can study.Where you want to go?Which country?Norway is nice to stay but not for work.Anyway you can do what you want If you got the citizen.After 7 years,I will get the citizen.See U then.God bless You.Nwawt seng wrote:

1 Responses to “Mail from Noway Kachin (maimai)”

Jinghpaw Ramma said...
May 27, 2008 at 1:25 AM

Norway shayi
Nang Norway kaw na i?
Ngai gaw ya Norway kaw na galaw ai programme langai kaw shang lawm nga ai wa re. Nang na email address hpe ndai hkringdat de sa ya yang mai na kun?
Shakut ga!